The best products for treating your pool water.

Recover green water in record time

Fast green water recovery, elimination of algae and bacteria in approximately 5 hours and then clarification of this in another 7 hours. In a total of 12 hours* after the use of kit, the user will enjoy his swimming pool free of algae and cristal clear water. It doesn’t increase the level of Stabilizer and activates the chlorine even when the water is with high level os Cyanuric Acid.

Treatment compatible with all surfaces, disinfection treatments and types of filtrations with the exception of filter fibers. Includes multilingual user manual to perform the treatment.

Piscimar® Pool Chemicals professional brand of products for water treatment. Pool Chemicals, range of chemicals for swimming pool water treatment. 

Essential chemical products for the treatment of Spa and Sauna water.

Heat pumps for your pool so you can enjoy your pool almost all year round.

Ideal products for analyzing your pool water quickly and easily.

Eliminates all stains associated with heavy metals

Removes stains over all types of surfaces (Polyester, PVC membranes and Gresite) and water color. These spots and the transparent colored water are usually generated by metals that are in the water or in the Polyester and being oxidize when they come into contact with an oxidizing water. They can be of multiple colors depending on the metal that originates them, brown, gray, green, blue, orange, black dots, etc.

It can be used on all types of surfaces, filter media and with any disinfection system. Includes multilingual user manual to perform the treatment.

A maximum volume of 65m3 can be treated with each kit.

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