How calcium hardness affects the pool

Calcium hardness is the unit of measurement that tells us how much calcium is dissolved in the water, (not to be confused with lime) it is measured in ppm. Magnesium is another of the minerals that is measured along with the level of calcium hardness.

In pools with plaster or cement coating it is very important to be alert because as it is a calcium-based and porous material, if the water is not balanced, that is, it has soft water, it can extract amounts of cement causing damage.


hard water

If it contains high levels of calcium and magnesium salts.

Consequences of high calcium hardness

It can lead to the buildup of calcium deposits in the pool’s pipes, floor, and walls.

· Encrusting water → insoluble precipitates are formed that adhere to the walls of the pool.

· Less circulation.

cloudy water.


Soft water

Water if it does not contain minerals becomes corrosive, materials such as cement and metal will begin to dissolve. Repairing it could be very expensive.

Consequences of soft hardness

· Bounced pH → sudden change in its levels.

· Dissolved metals → due to corrosion of pipes, alternators, connections, pumps…

· Corrosive water → can dissolve metals.


Lime/scale formation

It occurs when there is more calcium in the solution than the water needs.

This can vary in thickness and texture but by balancing the ISL it can be recovered.

The balanced level of the water will depend on factors such as CYA levels, type of chlorine, and temperature.

LSI → Langelier Saturation Index. Measurement that determines if the water is corrosive.

CYA → Isocyanuric Acid. Protect chlorine from sunlight.


How to balance hardness

· Clean your pool to remove any contaminants.

· Balances pH and alkalinity.

Depending on your needs, we recommend that you use chemical balance regulators:

· Lower the pH → Lower pH.

· Increase the pH → Increases the pH of pearls.

· Raise the alkalinity without affecting the pH → Raises TA.

· Lower the alkalinity without affecting the pH → Low TA.

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