New system for sending water samples to the BEHQ laboratory

From the BEHQ analysis laboratory, in order to offer a better service, we have started a new system for sending and receiving samples.

All those samples that need to be analyzed by our laboratory must be sent together with a form. In this way we make sure to obtain the minimum information to be able to provide a solution to the problem that the pool presents.

Ways to get the form

We have enabled two options to make it even easier to fill out the form.

You can download a template in the following links with the form to fill out. Once completed, it will be sent together with the sample inside the box.

On our website, in the Technical Assistance Service (SAT) section, you will find the web forms, which can be filled out online, and will arrive directly at the laboratory. When doing it this way, you will receive an associated code in your email, so that you can make inquiries regarding your sample at any time.

If you have any questions regarding the system for sending and receiving samples, you can contact us by email at

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