Salt electrolysis: what is it?

Salt electrolysis is an alternative to the manual treatment of your pool water, and it is becoming more and more democratized. It is automatic, and you only need a contribution of salt at the beginning of the season to disinfect your pool.

Through this article, we will try to answer the following questions:

What is salt electrolysis?

“Salt electrolysis is a method that allows chemical reactions to be carried out thanks to electrical activation (…) it allows elements to be separated or chemical compounds to be synthesized.”

According to this definition, the role of your salt electrolysis is to transform the salt in your water into two compounds: chlorine, and caustic soda.

Once the chlorine has disinfected your water, it combines with the caustic soda to turn back into salt. The chlorine it produces, in the form of gas, has a concentration of 100% (a shock chlorine tablet has an average concentration of 56%).

Salt electrolysis is based on a perpetual cycle: salt turns into chlorine, which turns into salt.

Electrolysis is composed of different elements:

Why choose this treatment?

Choosing salt electrolysis is, above all, choosing an automated treatment. Instead of having to check your pool water every Sunday before putting in the chlorine tablet and adjusting the pH, electrolysis will do it for you every day. Indeed, it is recommended to add a pH regulator to automatically control and inject pH Minus to achieve an optimal water balance in your pool. In this way you can go on vacation with serenity while your pool is treated automatically every day.

Another advantage, it only requires a salt and pH control, which considerably limits the handling of chemical products: except for the pH Less container that has to be changed once empty. Electrolysis saves chemicals.

Unlike a traditional disinfection with chlorine, the treatment with salt electrolysis limits the smell of bleach, which is often very annoying. Whether you are building your pool or the pool already exists, it is compatible with all types of pools and can be equipped at all times.

However, salt electrolysis requires maintenance: it is important to preserve the cell, it is the most important part of the device. The cost of said cell can vary, usually from €400 to €600. The Save Cell is a solution designed to prevent traces of lime or rust, extend the life of your cell, and also has a clarifying and anti-phosphate effect.

What electrolysis is made for me?

An electrolysis that gives indications through the color of its lights. Designed to work in pools up to 150 m3.

The electrolysis that will show you all the parameters of your pool: date, time, temperature, pH, Redox, salt concentration.

Technology and innovation: the connected pool. This electrolysis will allow you to follow, control, parameterize your equipment with your smartphone.

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