What are clarifying coagulants and what do they provide?


Coagulants / clarifiers / brighteners are chemical products that manage to improve the transparency and clarification of swimming pool water both on the surface and in the entire volume of water, via skimmers or overflow, leaving dirt trapped in the filter. The main characteristic of this type of product is that they increase the size of these particles by coagulation.

They are not aggressive for bathers and do not alter the chemical balance of the water.


The function of the coagulants is to remove the fat from the suntan creams that stick to the waterline, and bind organic matter, pollen, dust from grasses, conifers, etc. In this way we get them to be retained in the filter and through the washing processes we will expel them from the pool.

Unlike flocculants that precipitate these waste at the bottom and we remove them by passing the manual pool cleaner very slowly and the filter valve in the EMPTY position, coagulants reduce the cost of renewing water by performing the same function of agglutinating and as they form clots instead of flocs, these clots have a lower density and therefore do not fall to the bottom.


Types of coagulants

Super concentrated liquid coagulant, especially recommended for community and public pools due to the high load of bathing they have.

Recommended dose of use: 1L for every 200 to 600 m3, according to needs.

Enzymatic liquid coagulant especially indicated for the rapid recovery of cloudy water or water with a high organic load. Its innovative formula combines powerful concentrated enzymes with an organic clarifier.

Dosage: 0.75 L for 100 m3.

Coagulant in tablets, clarifies water in 24 hours and improves filtration performance. Specially designed for the private pool.

Employment dose: 1 tablet per 50 m3, its effect lasts one week.
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